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Custom Development

Vast Domains Incorporated has been designing and developing custom software applications for a wide variety of clients and has successfully deployed many projects from simple to very complex. Our core staff has been developing software as a team since 1982.   We have been software engineers and developers throughout the evolution of computing hardware from mainframes and super-computers to the proliferation of personal computers.   We have extensive experience with web applications, desktop applications and media applications.

  • Public and member based web applications
  • Corporate business systems including Intranets and Extranets
  • Signal processing related applications
  • ECommerce solutions
  • Various types of platform migrations and upgrades 

 Our skill set includes expertise in the following languages and technologies:

  • .NET technologies including ASP.NET
  • C++ 
  • C#
  • Java platforms including JSP, J2EE, STRUTS 
  • AJAX
  • Matlab® and related compilers
  • Visual Basic
  • DotNetNuke® applications and module development
  • Flash
  • XML

Our database expertise includes includes SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, FoxPro and  Access.  We have a successful history implementing the latest technologies and databases behind simple, efficient user interfaces.

Vast Domains provides a comprehensive approach to software development and the entire software lifecycle.  Our first step is to work closely with our client to clearly understand and define the requirements and expectations of the application.  We can provide all aspects of the solution including:

  • Requirements specification
  • Architectural design
  • Software detailed design
  • Coding implementation
  • Testing
    • Unit testing
    • Alpha and Beta Test Administration
    • Software Verification & Validation
  • Version control and configuration management
  • Setup and deployment
  • User and developer documentation
  • Support and maintenance

All of our development is performed in the United States. Based upon the size and complexity of the application, we can pool upon partner development resources we have utilzed throughout the years.

Vast Domains has established long term successfull relationships with clients.  We look forward to discussing your project needs.


Recent Projects

Client: Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)  
Project: Fuel Reliability Database
Major database web application (FRED) developed using .NET 2.0 and SQL Server.   Implemented sophiticated data input wizard.  Comprehensive reporting capabilities with user defined conditions, output format controls, presentations graphics (bar, line, pie etc.) and data downloads.  Dynamic reporting using Crystal Reports®.

Client: Fishtrap Development
Project: Corporate Extranet 
Converted/upgraded a corporate extranet for a major log home builder.  System is  used by direct sales and distributors to specify homes and applicable options, related pricing, contracts and terms and conditions.  Converted to a DotNetNuke® application and uses LogiXML Logi Reports for reporting.

Client: Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) 
Project: AutoAnalysis
Designed and developed standalone signal processing application used for non-destructive examination in conjuntion with Michigan State University engineering department.  The project was protyped using Matlab® and converted to a Windows application using Microsoft C++ and the Matlab® compilers. Application includes a sophisticated signal processing based  user interface.

Client: Derivative Technologies, Inc  
Project: OptionsWizard
Designed and developed on-line options trading system.  This project was developed using Java Server Pages (JSP), Java Beans, and Oracle.  The software included a wizard based approach for creating and executing options strategies.  Implemented using the STRUTS framework and included e-commerce billing.

Client: Dynaquant Trading
Project: Eldorado
Protyped an ultra high-frequency trading system developed in the C++ and Matlab.  Implemented using a multi-process, multi-threaded approach with COM and SQL Server.  The software acquired real-time quote data, analyzed the data and executed orders at high-frequency.

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